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Curiosities [Awareness and social projects]
The Head of the Royal Portuguese House, D. Duarte Pio, visited the region

The Head of the Royal Portuguese House, D. Duarte Pio, visited the region, on the occasion of the inauguration of the Royal House of the district of Castelo Branco, earlier this year. During the weekend, he visited several places of interest in the region. BEM HAJA was invited to interview his Royal Highness and for a day we followed them around.

After a morning filled by the reception, done by the Executive of the Municipal Council of Castelo Branco, we went to Oleiros, where the reception in the municipal areas was “worthy of a King”. A historical recreation run by the Viv’arte theatre company accompanied by the Oleiros Philharmonic orchestra. Still in Oleiros he visited the requalification works of the Firefighters’ Headquarters and the Mother Church, followed by a snack in the Santa Margarida Hotel. Along the way, between “twisting and turning”, while D. Duarte witnessed the scourge of the fires, we talked a lot about subjects as varied as the fires, the desertification of the region or the daily life of D. Duarte and his Family.

D. Duarte told us a little about his activities and his daily life. Contrary to what the Portuguese press is keen to show and make us believe, D. Duarte has an active life and carries out missions in countries such as Angola, Mozambique and Timor. The Duke of Bragança was the president of a campaign to support the independence of Timor-Leste and the Timorese living in Portugal and in other countries. He managed to build a neighbourhood of forty houses for displaced East Timorese and also sent aid to Timor-Leste worth several hundred thousand euros. It was this
relationship with the Timorese people that made him ask for and be given the Timorese nationality. His kindness, availability and serenity have allowed us to talk a lot about what concerns us in our region, namely about the problem of depopulation and how the monarchic system would have a completely different intervention to the system we are currently living. “The scourge of the fires is due to the imbalance in the development of the country, leading to the abandonment of some regions ... Our country is much more important than party divisions”, he tells us. The day ended with a dinner in support of D. Duarte, where BEM HAJA participated, together with about a hundred people, mostly monarch supporters.

The next day, at the Friends of the Alcaide Association (Fundão), a lecture was held under the theme “The Franco Castelo Branco in the context of Beira politics (1850-1910).

This initiative was organized by the Royal Association of Beira Interior, whose existence intends to meet the main objectives of the Royal Cause, seeking to have an active voice among the populations, promoting political and cultural actions of which numerous lectures stand out on the most diverse themes, through the counties / parishes of the region. Actions that advocate the appreciation of their roots and culture, as well as the importance of keeping them alive in memory of a nation with a history as rich as ours. The Association understands that it is the preservation and appreciation of this memory that tells us who we were yesterday, who we are today and who we will be tomorrow.