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The Adega 23
It is said that this is not a vineyard region, but the truth is that the vineyard has always existed here.

It is said that this is not a vineyard region, but the truth is that the vineyard has always existed here. The Romans took wine almost as a “demarcation of territory,” a way of imposing their customs and culture on the areas they conquered, and here it was no different, people have always produced their own wine which they called “talha wine “. Manuela Carmona, a medical ophthalmologist with origins in the region, decided to take these traditions further and take refuge from an intense and fulfilled life in the area of medicine, which she continues to practise, dedicating herself to something completely different. This avant-garde wine project was born, the Adega 23, located in Sarnadas, municipality of Vila Velha de Ródão, 10 km south of Castelo Branco.

The vineyard surrounds the newly built winery, considered by many as an architectural landmark of the region. It is an elegant building, protected in the upper part by a golden metallic structure and covered with cork panels, a product that is 100% Portuguese and with excellent thermal and acoustic characteristics, chosen by taking into consideration the quality of the wine. With perfect integration into the landscape, it creates at the same time a visual relationship with those who pass on the A23, a motorway that crosses the vineyard and inspires the name Adega23. In this building we find a wide reception that works simultaneously as an art gallery, a library and a shop. On the -1 floor, the barrel room, with double exterior walls composed of exposed concrete panels. The 1st floor offers a
tasteful, absolutely sublime, very hospitable and intimate room that enchants us and takes us to the exquisite open balcony, where the beauty of the landscape is magnificent and allows us a privileged view over the vineyard.

Quality is the watchword of this project, the main objective is to produce wines of excellence, with character and that reflect the unique terroir * of the south of Beira Interior. Rui Reguinga, one of the most renowned Portuguese winemakers, recognized for his mastery and dedication to the terroir *, was chosen to accompany this project from the beginning, and is responsible for the entire winemaking process.

This vineyard, crossed down the middle by the A23, aims, like the motorway itself, to be an anchor project, settling people and helping to increase tourism throughout the region. The first wines, White and Rosé are ready to be enjoyed and BEM HAJA guarantees that they are worth a try.

If you are curious, take the opportunity and visit, enjoy the Open Day (2nd Saturday of each month) or sign up for a Wine Tasting Initiation Workshop, one of the activities organized by the Winery.


* concept that refers to a space in which a collective knowledge of the interactions between the physical and biological environment and applied oenological practices is developed, providing different characteristics to the products originating from this space. International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV)



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