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The District of Castelo Branco through the eyes of Nunca Paras Quieta

Every time we think of this district, our heart beats as fast as our will to explore it. It was here that we met and that our blog was born. Yes, Idanha-a-nova is the cradle of Nunca Paras Quieta. It was also here that Soraia was born, Catarina grew up, Monica graduated and Claudia fell in love. So you can already imagine our tender ties to this piece of Portuguese land, can’t you? Many people ask us what to see here on this side of Portugal, what to do here in this interior which still isn’t very touristy and what to eat here in this gastronomic pearl. And there is nothing that makes us happier than sharing our cradle with anyone who wants to know about it. For Soraia, the district of Castelo Branco is her corner of unrest. Yes, that is what you read! She gets restless here because she cannot stop still at home. And when she is not going around with plane tickets in one hand and a passport in the other, she is backpacking with a drone in the air exploring treasures of this area. (Which will be revealed throughout this year on the blog). For Catarina, Castelo Branco means “Home, sweet home”. At only ten years of age, Catarina moved from Lisbon to Beira Baixa, where she created her “life stories”. Here she grew up, studied and made best friends for life. Now in London, Catarina always has this place close to her heart. For Cláudia, this is the corner of the country that stole her heart and her escape from the stress of Lisbon.

If there is a region that she identifies herself with this is it! Being a “nature beast”, here she can find her peace to explore the trails and the villages, and she can find tranquility and joy. It is also here that she fills her tummy with the wines, cheeses and specialties of the beira. And whenever she can, picks up her backpack and escape to here, to the heart of Beira Baixa. For Monica, the district of Castelo Branco, is her second home. It was Idanha-a-Nova, that welcomed her during her academic life and which will forever have a little corner in her heart. This is where she can recharge her batteries and when she has the opportunity, leave her Alentejo and return to “overcome nostalgia” of where she had been very happy. Its welcoming people and their wide open smiles make this a unique region. But for us restless ones, this is the true paradise of gastronomy, discovery and nature.

From the river beaches of Proença-a-nova, to the Trizio dam in Sertã. From the ruins of Monsanto to the city of Castelo Branco. From the fossils of Penha Garcia to the lynxes of the Serra da Malcata. From Queijo da Serra to Maranhos da Sertã. From the adventures of Idanha to the Silvares folkloric dance troupes. From the cold water of Oleiros to its famous wineries that warm hearts. From the shale villages to the gold of the Almourão gates. Of course, without ever forgetting the icing on the cake, the cherry of Fundão. If they ask us: “in Portugal what do you advise us to visit?” We would certainly say: “our crib! the district of Castelo Branco.“

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